Asset Management

It’s not a software or an application. It is a collaborative program, designed by key stakeholders within an organization. It has defined processes, objectives, deliverables, and creates a mindset throughout the organization. It is a discipline, in fact, a well orchestrated asset management program can become the conscience of the company.

Every organization has assets, and it is our duty what we do to make a difference to the bottom line with those assets. Such things as vehicles, machinery and equipment, facilities, IT equipment including telephony and yes even people.

The constant need to maximize performance, produce more with less down time, provide optimal service to your customers and reduce overall operating costs, Asset Management becomes a way of doing business.

According to IBM:

Asset Management solutions enable asset intensive organizations to “do more with less” by increasing labor utilization 10%, reducing unplanned maintenance by 50% and inventory by 30% over the lifecycle of assets. It helps to mitigate license cost and reduce compliance risk.

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About Grip IT

Since its inception is 1996, GRIP iT, a division of Global Resources Technologies Inc. has been the business system solutions provider for local and global business management. We are a service-oriented company offering our products and solutions to customers ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large-scale enterprises.
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