Secure Environment Setup

A secure environment setup is any system/setup which implements the controlled storage  and use of information. In the event of computing data loss, a secure environment setup is used to protect personal and/or confidential data.

Often, it employs  cryptography as a means to protect information.

Some secure environment setup  employ cryptographic hashing, simply to verify that the information has not been altered since it was last modified.


Setting up a secure environment in IBM® Information Server involves configuring the user registry that will be used, creating users, and assigning security roles to those users. If you are not sharing the user registry between the service tier and engine tier, you must also map credentials between the registry that is used by the IBM Information Server directory service and the registry that is used by the engine. Finally, some suite components also require that you assign project-specific roles to users.

The following figure shows the main tasks that are involved in setting up security.

Figure 1. Main tasks for setting up secure Environment

Secure environment setup | Toronto

Secure environment setup

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