Security Monitoring

How Security Monitoring works

Security monitoring is the single most important aspect of corporate and Internet technology.This type of close watching acts much like keeping the worst from happening.It is just like watching the network’s traffic to prevent the “hostile takeover” of computer and company assets such as servers and workstations.

This process is similar to the body’s immune system since they both involve watching and analyzing data traffic, much like white blood cells in the body looking for foreign substances and destroying them before they can do any damage.

In this Monitoring the interconnection of computers is the central operation; all data moving in or out through a network is watched for patterns that are recognized as threats.

Viruses, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, and password hacks are all forms of threats that are watched.

In this Engineers can build complex pattern recognition algorithms to allow the system to flag suspicious activity into the systems.

Once an activity is flagged, the specialists will investigate the traffic. Determining where it comes from and where it is going. If one does in fact exists, then there are methods of response used that can limit the damage and stop the attacker.

Security monitoring is also one of the most exciting aspects of modern network technology and is often portrayed as a kind of Science Fiction battle.

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