Secure Environment Setup

A secure environment setup is any system/setup which implements the controlled storage  and use of information. In the event of computing data loss, a secure environment setup is used to protect personal and/or confidential data.

Often, it employs  cryptography as a means to protect information.

Some secure environment setup  employ cryptographic hashing, simply to verify that the information has not been altered since it was last modified.


Setting up a secure environment in IBM® Information Server involves configuring the user registry that will be used, creating users, and assigning security roles to those users. If you are not sharing the user registry between the service tier and engine tier, you must also map credentials between the registry that is used by the IBM Information Server directory service and the registry that is used by the engine. Finally, some suite components also require that you assign project-specific roles to users.

The following figure shows the main tasks that are involved in setting up security.

Figure 1. Main tasks for setting up secure Environment

Secure environment setup | Toronto

Secure environment setup

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions:

As IT systems have become increasingly critical to the smooth operation of a company, the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, or the rapid recovery of the systems, has increased.

It is estimated that most large companies spend between 2% and 4% of their IT budget on disaster recovery planning, with the aim of avoiding larger losses in the event that the business cannot continue to function due to loss of IT infrastructure and data. Of companies that had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.

Best 10 basic tips or solutions against Disaster Recovery :

  • Store your system passwords in at least two separate secure locations.
  • Make sure that the whole recovery process to get you up and running again is documented, and includes the locations of system recovery and other critical discs.
  • Establish an automated system to notify critical staff of disaster by text. These staff should be thoroughly trained so that they can perform basic disaster recovery/back-up tasks unsupervised. You may be able to do this through an arrangement with a third-party service provider.
  • Practice your disaster recovery plan on a quarterly basis or more.
  • No matter how good your disaster recovery plan, it cannot recover data if you neglect to back it up.
  • Arrange to have spare hot hard disk drives already in the system, or at least physically available in the same room as your storage system.
  • A tape archive strategy is crucial. Tapes used on a daily basis should be replaced every six to nine months to avoid deterioration – backups are no use if they cannot be recovered.
  • Get yourself the best, longest-life, most uninterruptible power supply you can. Then get an additional battery back-up for your cache to go with it.
  • Don’t neglect to protect yourself from random theft, vandalism and employee malice, they can be just as disastrous as anything else. At the very least ensure that the door to your data/server room is locked, day and night.
  • An automatically closing fire door to the data/server room will keep fire and smoke out of the room for a surprisingly long time.

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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management Services:

Infrastructure Management Services refer to the day-to-day of the IT infrastructure-Hardware, Networking, Server, needs of any organization. With organizations offering end-to-end IT services to domestic and international clients, managing IT infrastructure has become critical for businesses and enterprises. Infrastructure management is sometimes divided into categories of system management, network management, and storage management. Infrastructure management products are available from a number of vendors including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Grip IT and Microsoft. Infrastructure Management Services may also include:

  • Help desk services
  • Asset and configuration management
  • Desk side support
  • Network management
  • Security management
  • Application monitoring
  • End user computing
  • Data centre management

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Server Installation

Purpose of Server Installation

  • To serve the needs or requests of other programs which may or may not be running on the same computer.
  • Servers provide essential services across a network, either to private users inside a large organization or to public users via the Internet.

Servers on the Internet

Almost the entire structure of the Internet is based upon a client-server model. There are millions of servers connected to the Internet:

  • World Wide Web
  • Domain Name Systems
  • E-Mail
  • Ftp File Transfer
  • Chat and Instant messaging
  • Voice communications
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • Online Gaming
  • Data base Servers

Virtually every action taken by an ordinary Internet user requires one or more interactions with one or more servers

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Network Setup

What is Network Setup ?

Computer networking is the engineering (Network Setup) that creates communication between computers and other devices.

Advantages of Network Setup

  • If one of the computers has a printer attached, then the other computer can print to it over the network.
  • If one of the computers has certain files on it, someone on the other computer can access those files over the network rather than having to copy them onto a disk or memory stick.
  • If you like playing multi-user computer games that have network capabilities built in, then two people can play these games together over the network.
  • If you connect to the Internet with one of the computers, the other computer can use that same connection over the network. So one computer can connect to the Internet with a modem and the other computer will route its Internet traffic through that single connection.

And All this You can Create By your own just by the means of:

  1. Switch/Hub
  2. Ethernet Cables
  3. Registered jack-RJ 45, RJ 11.
  4. At least two computers either on LAN or WAN

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Electrical Backup Systems

What are Electrical Backup Systems ?

These are Electrical apparatus that provides emergency power or backup to a load when the input power source fails.

Why Electrical Backup Systems ?

  • To-day in this computer world where all the work/data is shifted in the computers memory , systems like this are Essential to save our Task on time.
  • Think that a doctor is operating his patient at night time and all of the sudden regular power supply fails, so there rises the importance of it.
  • Suppose in some electrical industry the consignment has to be deliver on time and on daily basis and power fails there you can find these systems useful.
  • There are so many search engines like Google ,Yahoo,Bing all are using big-big servers and they really don’t want such power failures so their rises the importance of Electrical Backup Systems.

Life of Electrical Backup Systems can be increased by avoiding the following factors:

  • Improper Watering
  • Many Small Batteries in Parallel Strings
  • Failure to Prevent Corrosion
  • lack of a Protective Environment
  • Improper Size
  • Wrong Battery Type
  • Proper Cabling
  • Avoiding Short Circuits

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Managed Services Toronto

Why Grip IT ?

Grip IT Service Management Solutions can take away the headache of managing your Information Systems like Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Infrastructure Management, Onsite Monitoring Services. They are the IT Specialists for the small and medium-sized business in the Greater Toronto Area. There Software development services can help me gain a competitive advantage through innovative and dynamic applications customized for my growing business. Outsource your problems to Grip IT, experienced, IT consultants and support professionals so that they can focus on what’s really important – running your business.

They Provide Solutions/Support in the domain  :

  • Network Support
  • Server monitoring remotely
  • Application server administration
  • Network Monitoring Toronto
  • Server Monitoring Toronto
  • Onsite Monitoring Services
  • Network Management
  • Security Monitoring Toronto
  • Firewall Setup
  • Firewall Installation
  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Secure Environment Setup
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Server Installation
  • Network Setup
  • Electrical Backup systems
  • Managed Services Toronto

Main Office:

# 34 – 165 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 2N2,Greater Toronto(Canada)

Phone:   416-907-8181 or 866-749-5599
Fax:  866-324-5599

E-mail at: for more information

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